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VIP (Very Important Podcaster) DAY

VIP (Very Important Podcaster) DAY


Are you a aspiring podcaster  but have the type of personality who just wants it done and wants it done like… now?

If you are like me, you have an idea and obsess over the concept.

You just can’t let it go and need it done!

I’m offering a new service for those who want to be involved in the process but want it up ASAP.

How it works:

  • We work 1:1 and bang out your podcast in a day with a 30 min follow up call a week later
  • We choose a day that works for us
  • You will need to block out quiet time (about 3 hours)
  • I will give you 2 weeks before the call to prep for the call and list of what you will need to complete your show
  • We talk
  • We work
  • We complete
  • You feel amazed, relieved, excited, motivated, the list goes on and on……..

What you get:

  • 3 hours of undivided attention with Lauren and your complete podcast setup ready to submit to iTunes (minus your recordings, I will bring you through that process)
  • Branding run down/artwork/music for your show
  • If you have recordings set to go we will also include those in the call.
  • 1 extra 30 min call to upload 2 of your recordings if you need it or to clarify ANYTHING.
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group for ongoing support of your pod
  • email support before and after
  • Access to the Passion to Pod Student Membership (being built) packed with videos, audio, expert advice, PDF Downloads, all modules for the 6 week course if you ever wanted to create a new show or change aspects of your show we did together, and resources.  I am always adding value to it, so more may pop up occasionally.

UM DUHHH! Of Course I want to do this sign my butt up now!


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