Virtual Assistance for the Podcaster

Virtual Assistance for the Podcaster

So you need help with your podcast huh?

You mean you can’t do it all?

That’s why i’m here!

I am your podcast go to girl, aka your podcast virtual assistant:

Here is how I can help you with your podcast:

  • 100 % Setup of your show- if you so choose- this is a separate cost
  • Connecting you to as many directories as you please
  • Branding (Artwork, Image templates, Music, intro, extro, all that good stuff)
  • Editing your shows each week
  • Finding you guests
  • Helping you plan your content for 1-3 months or more out.
  • Scheduling your guests/collecting information (basically managing your requests)
  • Tagging
  • Creating your show notes/blog post for the show
  • Pulling out quotes from you and your guest
  • Scheduling
  • Publishing
  • Creating weekly social media images
  • Social Media sharing and posting
  • Freebies for your show if you choose and collecting emails
  • Help to grow your FB group for your show/brand
  • Visibility Tactics
  • Content Repurposing
  • Clammr for sharing

OMG did I forget something you need? Let me know!

Monthly packages run from 8 hours/month- 36 hours/month

Prices range depending on the hours you select, if you are not sure of how many hours you will need, I go based on a flat rate of $26/hour.

If you want me to help you customize this list, add to it, and quote you I CAN DO THAT!

lets talk!

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