8 Ways Your Podcast Can Guarantee a Return in your Business.

So I asked a question in my Facebook group and it goes like this!


A great answer i got was:

Knowing the return! (or the guarantee of a return)

Well, there are so many ways to get a return on your podcast.

In this post I will tell you how it personally gave me a return and NO it was not monetary in the beginning.

Think of your podcast as a way to connect with your audience in a WHOLE NEW WAY. To connect with NEW listeners and expand your reach through not JUST your blog post/show notes but through iTunes, Stitcher Radio, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Youtube, tuneIN, and OMG so many more.

When you have a blog, you have JUST that, your blog that may or may not be that big and maybe you are struggling to get eyes on your website. Maybe you feel like you are trying so hard and just can’t get someone to finish reading or click over at all.

GRRRR Frustrating, I KNOW.

With a  podcast you can be in so many places and connect with brand new people you didn’t even know were out there.

With a podcast there are loyal listeners who tune in EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH! Podcast listeners are loyal listeners who subscribe and get excited about new shows and get disappointed when your show isn’t there when it is supposed to be. I know this because I have been on both ends, the podcaster and the listener end.

I have connected with many new people over the course of 2 years that I can’t even keep track.  I’ve had people excited to be on my show, i’ve had books sent to me and random emails and reviews from those I don’t know at all.

Pretty neato, right? YES

So I’ve already given you a bunch of returns, ones that aren’t even part of the 8 I listed below.


Check out the list and then YOU determine whether or not a pod is better than a blog. LOL

8 Ways Your Podcast Can Guarantee a Return in your Business.

  1. Gives you an authoritative feel and creates confidence to do more!
  2. Gives you a solid platform to monetize with loyal podcast listeners and your guests.
  3. Connects you to your audience and your guests audience. Double the audience and new followers and people for you to learn from!
  4. Opens you up to collaborations through your guests and the people they know.
  5. Increases your confidence through speaking to motivate you to get out and do big things you would have never thought before.
  6. Get direct feedback through creating a group for your podcast where you can then connect with your audience to ask them DIRECT questions. (exactly what i do)
  7. Creates a platform from which you can branch off from to create a system of streamlining your business.
  8. You can approach or get sponsors and affiliates to help you promote your show and their products.

There are so many more and I can cover them at some point, but there are the ones that have hit me hard and have helped me to grow in AHHHHHMAZING ways.

I hope this helps you and opens your eyes to the power of bringing  your passion to a pod…


xoxo, laurenjean