5 Ways A Podcast Can Boost Your Emotional Well-Being and 9 Chances I Never Would Have Taken Before Having My Own Podcast

For me podcasting started out as a therapeutic way to sort through my shit. I had no idea what it was that I wanted to do. I was a graduated health coach with a passion to help moms improve their diets but thats all I knew or understood. I didn’t have my story figured out yet. I was still a WAYS from that. I just knew I needed an outlet to help get me started. I had NO idea of the impact it would have on me emotionally.

I had been masterminding with a friend each week and we joked about starting a podcast. We had both heard of podcast, this was back in 2014 when you didn’t t hear the term podcast a whole lot. I knew what they were but didn’t realize it could be  a HUGE help to my confidence. I really had no clue.

For some reason it just stuck with me, in my gut I knew I wanted one, because I felt it and I made the conscious decision to just start, without knowing a damn thing. When I have something on my mind, it haunts me and I just need to do it. So without knowing a single thing, I went an announced it to my friends, family, and other health coaches that this is what I was doing.

BOOM I got working. I reached out to another podcaster and got her basic advice because she too was new to it. I was pretty much self taught with some direction. I didn’t even know the costs of what I wanted to do but what I had behind me was DETERMINATION and WANT. I didn’t even have a name or branding ideas, I was all over the place and as for the name, I chose Mommacast, simply because I wanted to speak to moms and i was producing a podcast. I guess it made sense considering I had no business, this was essentially a hobby.

In the beginning I was very rocky and nervous and had no idea how to edit a show. I had no clue how to even write an intro to my show or add music. I hired someone to help me out. I bought a basic microphone and I just started playing.

I can’t even tell you the excitement that was running through my body when I submitted my show to iTunes! I was shaky and checked my email every few hours, as if the process would go faster. Finally only a few short days later I was a published show and I was addicted.

From there I started working on what my show would consist of and I hadn’t even considered interviews at this point, I was just thrilled to talk on my own.

What I didn’t realize until almost 7 months into recording was that I had an eating disorder.I came to this conclusion by listening to another podcast by Maddy Moon and her show “Mind Body Musings”,

I decided I was going to start interviewing emotional eating coaches. I just reached out to people in that field and I was able to get ahold of a popular coach, Isabel Foxen Duke.  I was so proud of myself for getting her attention.

My confidence began to build.

Now let me tell you, I was an extreme introvert. I did not want to step out of the house or go anywhere where I had to speak in front of people. That terrified me but after that experience I wanted to reach out to more people and I didn’t care who they were or their status.

I started taking bigger chances.

I then got on my show Alexandra Jamieson, from the documentary “Super Size Me” and Author of the book “Women, Food, and Desire”

When I got her on the phone I was amazed with my progress and I realized that HELL I can accomplish whatever I want.

I also realized that YES PEOPLE WANT TO TALK TO ME.

From there my self-development journey branched out to all different topics and I wanted to reach out to all areas of life and I didn’t just listen to my guests, but I then listened to my own show with excitement and started applying the tips my guests provided to me.

It was like getting professional advice for free but then being able to share with everyone I knew!

Now that I’m about to hit 2 years in podcasting, with many changes and transitions and BUMPS in the road, I realized this was what shaped my life to be what it is today and without it, I may still be that lost health coach without a clue in the world what to do.

Since realizing that people ACTUALLY want to be guest on my show and share their own stories, I have taken bigger chances like:

  1. cutting my hours at my full time job to pursue my passion
  2. hiring a costly coach to help me get through my mindset struggles
  3. started a Facebook group that has almost 300 people in it and getting more engaging everyday
  4. co-authored a book in the beginning of 2016
  5. started to teach female entrepreneurs how to podcast so that they can FEEL truly amazing just like I do.
  6. Wrote my first program to teach podcasting the simple way
  7. hired someone to take care of my website so I could stop wasting my time.
  8. got fully REAL with myself and started to work on what’s important to me (finances for the future, the health of my gut, and doing business without wasting my time, i now get help where i need it)
  9. I don’t worry as much about the how in life anymore, I constantly focus on what I want my future to be and how I want to feel.

So whatever it is that you want to accomplish in your own life, you can do it, and from there you only grow and continue to nurture yourself and tweak your life based on your life experiences. With your podcast you share these changes and life stories with your audience to inspire them. It’s so POWERFUL.

This is what the power of having my own podcast did for me.

  1. It increased my confidence in a MAJOR way
  2. I took lots of chances
  3. I healed my eating disorder
  4. I wasn’t afraid to reach out to people much bigger than me
  5. I became clear on what business opportunity was the right fit for me

If you are an introverted coach, mentor, author, teacher, whatever, a podcast can only help propel you in the direction of your dream IF you focus on the feeling you want out of it.

Come find out more in the Passion to Pod Facebook Group to learn more or click on work with me to see what fits your style best to start your podcast today!

Happy podding!