EP067: Numerology – The Blueprint of Your Soul

In today’s interview, I spoke with Joseph Ghabi. Joseph and I met online, where most meet these days, and I just wanted to dig into his mind and talk about Numerology.  I thought this conversation would be talking about numbers and their meanings but the way Joseph teaches this is SO MUCH MORE!

Numerology is NOT about predicting your future. You should already be aware of your future and there is no need from me or anyone else to tell it to you because you already signed a Soul agreement with your Soul to be here at this time.
I trust you have already your agreement.

There are 2 parts for your Soul Agreement:

1- Your parents, your culture, and religion which means your environment and the type of experience you agreed on
2- Your Soul Purpose which is the same as Blueprint Destiny and what you are supposed to be doing in this life

Your blueprint destiny is not about what you do today. What you do today is only a label you felt compelled to do? There is nothing wrong with the label as we live in a physical world but does it reflect your Soul purpose?

Our birthright is to be happy, joyful and fulfilled. Many people are happy and joyful in one or two areas in their life but NOT fulfilled because fulfillment we have to harmonize our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical in order to be fulfilled.

When you are not harmonized in your mental, and emotion then, it will affect your physical life so any aspect of our physical life will be affected like vocation, movement, finance, relationship, health, etc…

So how fulfilled are you today in your life?- Joseph Ghabi

c’mon, give it a listen