The 7 Parts of A Podcast’s Shownotes, that really your blogpost


So yeah, when it comes to writing the shownotes of your podcast it can be quite the pain in the ass.  After your show is done and recorded, most want to just BE DONE. So when it comes to writing the shownotes your like… NOOOOOOO!

Yup that’s how a lot of us podcasters feel, we just want it to be done for us, and some of us do hand it off to someone else to take care of, lucky them…

Okay, so I’m going to make this super easy for you to follow and use this template when it comes time to writing yours, ya know, so you can finish fast.

Just keep in mind if you are a perfectionist, no one is reading the entire post from top to bottom, they are podcast LISTENERS, we listen and we scan for something we heard in a show of yours, we aren’t interested in getting comfy with tea and reading the whole post. We want to come to the site, find the link we heard about and we are moving on!

So with that being said, MAKE YOUR NOTES SCANNABLE and short.


  1. an image or your guest’s headshot
  2. the bio of your guest or a short blurb about what you rambled about in the episode
  3. your  main points, what they can expect from listening
  4. links to your guests social, mentioned resources, names of others you mentioned, other episodes,
  5. Your affiliate links
  6. Your CTA
  7. Your  Podcast Player (I recommend the one down below, click the link to find out more)

Remember your audience wants to be able to come to your website, find the show and it’s notes and grab what they need from it!

I hope this was helpful, and short (LOL), now go write those points and be done!

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