How My Outlook on Health Has Changed From 16 Years Ago

I had a calling to record this episode after hearing a podcast this morning while at work. It occurred to me that I have never done an episode like this before and it was time.

I share about how I got into personal training, which started my beliefs in fitness and nutrition. I talk about my first experience with “nutrition” and what that looked like to me.

I speak on how my body image changed after my daughter was born and what type of diet lifestyle I lived for way too long. I then ramble on about the 10 years and all that goes into this super important time of my life to help me heal emotionally, mentally and physically.

It was a long road and I’m finally seeing things clearly. You can too!


Probiotic Power Cleanse with Summer Bock 10/20/2017-10/30/2017

Come on and listen!