Introvert? Maybe a Podcast is Just What You Need.

Hey you!

Yes, you introvert!

Does the thought of having to go to live conferences, business meetings outside the house, or meetups freak you the f out?

We as introverts are scared of the outside world. We get our energy from the work we do alone. I get it. That’s me too!

A podcast was my answer in getting to know myself and how I react to the outside world.  I got to connect with people in my industry through the computer and learn a whole lot and at the same time I got to help people by sharing MY OWN experiences as well as my guests stories.

I swear podcasting has helped break me out of being terrified to speak to people on the phone and even in person. Yes, I am still an introvert as in I love being alone and am super productive in the quiet space so that won’t change but the way you go about the business world can change.

  • You will be able to approach people to be on your show
  • You will see your confidence in many areas improve.
  • You will want to get your butt on podcasts to share your business and story
  • People will want to be on your show or at the least share the shows they love
  • You will be seen as an authority figure in your industry with a podcast
  • You will connect with a whole new group of people and make new connections, podcasters
  • You will have a reason to need that quiet space (to record your podcast), the space that helps you be productive and feel good

There are so many more reason but these are my top reasons and they are all true!

Being introverted in business can seem like a hinderance but it doesn’t have to be, you just need to find ways that work for you, so maybe starting a podcast is the answer for you.


xoxo, laurenjean