EP:049- Fear of Media Hosting with Amanda Kerin


Today i have Amanda Kerin on the phone, ANOTHER PODCASTER!

In today’s show we discussed:

  • how she helps moms find their passion and get out of their 9-5
  • how to create an escape plan from your 9-5
  • her podcast that was not yet released when we recorded- IT NOW IS!

Joining the Dots- biz life creativity spirituality

  • sharing the goodness that will help driven women to pursue their future
  • Her main intention- have fun!
  • Amanda is open to see where her podcast goes
  • How she roped her co-host in
  • She has 20 yrs radio experience
  • fear of judgement
  • She wants to learn more and increase her confidence
  • Amanda thought that she should have the expertise for a podcast since has radio experience,…..WRONG
  • Things that come easy to her- talking, writing, content creation,
  • fear of media hosting

Amanda Kerin is a Lifestyle & Business Coach living a laptop lifestyle. A self confessed high achiever and a creative who always follows her heart to pursue her dreams, Amanda coach’s women to escape their 9-5 to help them build a business and life they dream of.

The links I want to share are: www.amandakerin.uk or www.roundtwonewyou.com

xoxo, laurenjean