EP068: Intuitive Dreaming and using your nighttime dreams for healing, creativity, and intuition

I have always been fascinated when I could remember a dream but I never knew the power a dream’s meaning could have over me, let alone a deep healing.

Dreams are a rich resource that we can tap for guidance, insight, and inspiration. Learn how to remember and record dreams and how to specifically ask them for guidance for healing.

-Laurel Clark

Almost 2 years ago I interviewed Dr. Laurel Clark on the topic of Dream Interpretation and Journaling (find her episode here, on the old site or #69 when the show was Mommacast)

Dr. Laurel Clark is the president of Whole Life Resources, developing a world of creative, purposeful people who fulfill their destiny and inspire others.  A teacher, author, interfaith minister, and counselor, Laurel is a past president of the School of Metaphysics and current Chair of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

She has been journaling her own dreams for 40 years and guides others to understand their dreams for self-discovery, creative inspiration, and spiritual direction.

Laurel speaks to corporations and organizations, offers one-on-one dream consultation, and leads dream groups.  Please visit www.laurelclark.com or contact her at laurel@laurelclark.com to learn more or book a speaking engagement.

Dr. Laurel’s links:

Whole Life Resources & Laurel Clark Creations Discover, uncover and recover your True Self so you can shine your light and fulfill your destiny. I mentor, teach, and guide you on your soul journey.laurelclark.com

You can find her book Intuitive Dreaming and her story in the book Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Dreams and the Unexplainable.

Her other books on visualization, healing, concentration, your soul’s purpose, and dreams can be found at www.som.org