EP063: Who We Really Are and How We Appear to Others, and More

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Welcome Back!

Summer is almost over and my podcast break certainly is! The first time in 2.5 years I have taken a much-needed break and I believe this will be a new trend as this Summer was nice and relaxed and it gave me time to really unwind and study.

Quick Reference:

The Big 3- Time, environment and our body- these are 3 things we use for protection.
Identity Gap- how we appear to the outside world, how we appear to others in our world. Want we want others to believe about who we are.

Do we even know who we are?

Even if we say we don't care about what others say or think about us, we really do deep inside.

We go into an unconscious way of living.

Unconscious v.s conscious

To change something in your life, you need to be aware; conscious.

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