Minisode- Change is Intuitively Inside All Of Us, So Why Are We So Damn Paralyzed By It?

Today I decided to record a bonus episode, a minisode I’ll call it.  I used to do more of these episodes in the way beginning of my podcasting journey but I got way too busy to continue and had to stop.  Lately, I’ve been doing things much more intuitively and this episode was speaking to me, literally speaking to me in my head.

I had the words on the tip of my tongue with enough time to jump on the mic and record before I had to run out the door to my hair appointment.

Today’s show is exactly what the title is about, duh, in a much more shortened version of what I could talk about BUT I wanted to just plant an idea in your head, so go ahead, give it a listen and you decide for yourself.

xoxo, laurenjean