5 Easy Steps on Planning Your Podcast Content Months in Advance

So you are probably wondering how I can seem so relaxed when it comes to podcasting right?

I can’t handle difficult, techy, deep , or too many steps.

I just won’t and can’t.

I am a single mom with a full time job and a side gig that is taking over. I don’t have that kind of time and the time I have is precious and must be used appropriately and needs to be productive so that I can function and not go into overwhelm.

It sounds all good right?

It is!

Like the challenge I recently led in my Facebook group– you know you want to join….hint hint

Anyways, I challenged a group of entrepreneurs who want to podcast to create 2 months worth of content in a week!

This is exactly what we did, just in case you missed

  • Day #1- EP000- Write your intro episode. This includes you story and what the listener can expect from your show
  • Day#2- Decide if you will have a solo show, interview show, or both. Then we chose 2 themes for our month 1 and 2. So if you were a health coach maybe the topics you could choose from would be Healthy Eating For Kids and Grocery Shopping 101.
  • Day #3- A DARE! You get serious and think, “where can i find guests to help me with these topics?”Think of the groups you are in on social media and I DARE YOU to put a request out for people who may be interested in speaking DIFFERENTLY on these topics. Describe EXACTLY what you are looking for and connect with these people. People WILL bite back because podcasts are getting huge and it’s a way for people to get exposure.
  • Day #4- Take the theme you chose for month #1 and come up with 4 problems your audience may be experiencing and write them down. Next do the same for month #2.
  • Day #5- Now add 3-5+ ways in bullet points to solve that problem for both months.

The last thing you need to do is to write up and expand on your bullets for each show. I like to add bullet points to my bullet points, if that make sense. Make it simple so that when i start recording I don’t have to stick to reading a blog post, i just expand on what i know.

The best thing is you can plan your entire year this way!

It’s that simple!

xoxo, laurenjean

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