A Letter to My Intuition

The below is a letter to my intuition that I wrote to help me feel better. I’m feeling better about life and biz but was having a hard time the past few days.  I hear on another podcast about writing a letter to your intuition and while listening I heard mine loud and clear that she wanted to have a conversation with me too. She was jealous!

I can finally determine intuition and ego and I don’t hear as much ego anymore. It’s so faded into the background but still tries to push through. I am working at it.

Always go with your gut, it’t right, it’s how you feel that matters ultimately.

Dear Intuition,

I am writing this because I’m feeling as if I am connecting to you better recently

Yes you are

I am feeling as if I am not afraid to speak my mind as much anymore

You are correct

I am still feeling the pressures and stress of dealing with issues in life but I am better equipped to understand them.

Yes, you have come along way

I feel more free and aware of what is happening in my life and within my soul

Yes, but you tend to slip back at times and that is ok, it’s normal to feel this way, keep it up.

I feel as if I am more relaxed and happier with my decisions, im really listening to you.

You absolutely are and you are going to achieve amazing things this year, you just need to believe, have patience and never stop believing that you can.

I feel as if I want to cry right now because so many things are going to change and I know they are for the better, and it’s just scary and unknown.

Scary and unknown in a wonderful thing in life because it shows us that we are capable of amazing things.

Wow I can’t believe I am in essence talking to myself, in my own head and Im feeling really clear about the difference between ego and intuition.

Ego will still step in and thats ok, its normal and trying to protect you from those scary and unknown things in your life but I am always there to reassure you that things are going to be okay, better than ok.

I feel the most woo-woo that I have ever been and I’m loving the feeling.

Just stick with the feeling, you know what’s right and what feelings good to you, go with it, I won’t steer you wrong.

Wow thank you so much, i and feeling better already and more energized to make thing happen.

You are welcome, I’m always here……