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Podcaster Wannabe Mastermind

Podcaster Wannabe Mastermind

The Podcaster Wannabe Mastermind Group

Using the freebie 10 Podcast Workflow Tips and the 11 Tools You Need to Start, you will go through the steps and ask me questions as you need in the group.

I don’t go into super depth in my regular group on how to start a podcast because this is what I teach and it takes time and patience.

I wanted to create a mastermind of new podcasters who are in the creation stage so you can ask me whatever you need to just get your podcast up and live!

The mastermind is a 100% open group setting for you to ask questions about the production of your podcast, even if they seem dumb, no question is dumb by the way.

It is a go at your own pace but meant to be doable in 2 months or less.

Finish your podcast in 2 months or less (if i can do it in a day, you can do it in 2 months)

Ridiculously affordable and you won’t find this anywhere else, i dare ya

Why not do it? We went through the major blocks and now you just need to JUMP IN!


What’s Included?

Simply put….


  • Private podcaster wannabe mastermind via facebook with DIY class included and support of other masterminders
  • You get ME and my podcasters brain to answer your what may seem like silly questions.
  • You’ll get how to video’s, live streams, and mini blog posts to explain your questions in detail.
  • Launching tips and how to plan out your launch.

What’s Not Included?

  • The stuff after to help your show thrive is a work in progress always, and i help you in SOOOOOO many ways to get there, this is the starting off point from which you will grow and infuse your pod into your biz.
  • This is to ONLY focus on getting your show up and running.

Trying to do it all just causes that sucky overwhelm feeling.

So Why Now?

Because i’m telling you to! Duh!

Because if you are “thinking” of doing a podcast “in the future” you won’t, you just won’t and i’m here to just push you over the edge, it’s scary i know.

I only offer these in depth answers to my private clients so if you want to get your pod up and running with my help at a great cost do it now.


The Deets:

  • The cost of the mastermind is only $77 until Monday 3/27 then it goes up to $308
  • We start official Monday March 27th 
  • You ask questions and I answer in fb live/posting in the group
  • 1 zoom call/month
  • The basics to get you podding and excited!




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