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Content Consultation

Content Consultation

I feel as if I have a gift, the gift of digging deep. I do it in self-development and through my podcast and yes I am now doing it with other people’s content.

Are you feeling stuck in coming up with new things to write and talk about? Feel like you are stagnant to your audience?

I can pick and pry apart your blog posts, videos, podcasts, Facebook posts to give you new and innovative ideas to work with so that you can create courses, webinars, new products…

We’ll discuss ideas that fit your style so that you enjoy coming up with new content when needed.

Do you want to be able to use the information YOU ALREADY HAVE to make your content marketing even better?

Let’s talk to see how I can help you see that you have what you already need to move forward in what you are doing already.


What we do together:

  • chat on the phone via zoom to discuss your feeling stuckness
  • come up with ways you have felt successful
  • Talk marketing techniques you do not enjoy
  • Talk marketing techniques you have not yet tried
  • Talk marketing techniques that are a definite NO
  • Discuss your content goals
  • Look at your blog/website
  • Choose your most successful post
  • Discuss with new ideas to use that post
  • Streamline it so that content becomes easier for you
  • write up the plan
  • Set content goals

What you get:

  • A 1 month content plan with room for changes
  • (2) 4o min calls via zoom for the month
  • A streamline plan you can use over and over again


xoxo, laurenjean


Grab your spot for $197.00

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