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Oh Girl…

I feel your struggles and frustrations, ALL THE WAY.

I’m right there with ya, well I was and I dove into some serious self-exploration over the past 18 months. If you are dealing with issues in life related to family, relationships (including the one with yourself, which by the way IS the most important), career, health, money, spirituality, sexuality, joy, social life, _____________ fill in the blank. 

 These are the most imperative in our everyday lives and the ones that cause the most intense pressure like your head might just EXPLODE!

Having gone through failed intimate relationships, not feeling like you are good enough at anything, feeling like you have lost control of your health and you just can’t seem to stay on that perfect diet that will get you EVERYTHING you want, once you get to your perfect body size.

First let me tell you that no you will never get to that happy place, the perfect body, career, relationship, etc if you are not happy internally. IT JUST WON’T HAPPEN.

So now that that is out of the way….

You’ve tried everything from dieting to reading tons of inspirational bullshit quotes that, yeah you agree with but they don’t quite fit into your life like you reeeeeeealllllly want em to.

Shit, we all have problems but they all seem to get out of control and spiral like a mofo AT THE SAME TIME!

Where do you go from there? You have no clear story, of why you are the way you are and why you do what you do but you’ll be damned if you are going to go through another year, month, or day feeling like a pile of shit!


You feel as if you are completely void of confidence, you’re a fucking control freak, and you get these crazy intense signs from your body such as pain, sickness, and stress but don’t know how to make them go away?!


Maybe you are just tired of trying to be everything for everyone around you and not taking care of the most important person,


Is this you?

OMG PLUS…You feel as if you are completely void of confidence, you’re a fucking control freak, and you get these crazy intense signs from your body such as pain, sickness, and stress but don’t know how to make them go away?!

Yea it’s scary as all hell.


If you are the type:

who needs to be in control of every situation to feel grounded and safe

who have been people pleasing for as long as you can remember

who never feels enough in life

who wants to smack the next person who posts an inspirational quote (but deep down inside you want to be that person)

who is concerned with how the world perceives you

has dealt with issues in addiction (love, shopping, alcohol, drugs, food)

who repeats the same patterns over and over with no end in sight

compares yourself to others around you

turns to judgment to make yourself feel better

who is just to damn tired, busy, stressed, whatever…..

If you are just tired of the bullshit feelings and have given up but don’t wanna…
you are in the right place so take a deep breath and know that I am here for you.
Okay so enough about you already, this is MY about page (LOL)

I am Lauren-Jean

Integrative Health Coach


Alkalinity Coach

Just so you know…up above where I was talking about YOU, that was ME not that long ago ( about 2 years ago)
I thrive in consistently pushing myself to be better, not the best but better, in taking care of my well being so that my little sponge of an 8 year old will teach herself to do the same.
My story leads with people pleasing for most of my life up until my mid 30’s. I married the first time due to family pressure, not from them but the story I made up in my head. I never felt good enough in what I was doing and I never felt I was good enough to do anything so I never followed through.
Married a second time and still fell into the trap I created myself…people pleasing. I was always helping others before myself, never thought that HEY I MATTER TOO. Nope that never crossed my mind.  I was a mother at this point and family and child came first. Period.
Failed marriage #2 and I really felt like a loser.  Who would want a twice divorced mom of 1 who wasn’t capable of holding anything together?  
A panic attack at work and three years later I was a graduated health coach with a passion to help others through Nutrition which turned to Self-Development and all that self-development work got me to here.
But still I was constantly putting myself down and was always on a “detox” (it’s really dieting, i soon figured out).  Food control soon became my addiction. I needed control in some area go my life to feel like I was just okay, not even worthy but just ok! OMG WTF?
Perfectionist eating disorder (orthorexia) surfaces and soon i’m knee deep into exploring all these other areas of my life.
It took me 2 years and many challenges to figure out what I really wanted to do, to help you , how i helped myself. 
Through this search the podcast is born, mommacast is what I called the first round. I was able to be real with myself, to share my struggles and wins, it was…a therapy that has helped heal an eating disorder and a lack of confidence, ignoring my gut feelings, and being a total control freak.
Through the power of podcasting and connection I was able to be clear, consistent, and to have constant motivation to share my experiences and learn from them and the experiences of my guests to then help push myself and audience forward in the development of their own lives.
No more kicking and crying over petty bullshit, I now know how to let the little things go, follow my gut, and KNOW I’m well worth everything.
xoxo, laurenjean

Tired of Your Own Bullshit Excuses and Ready to Really Change?

An Investment in Yourself Now is an Investment into Your Future

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